Our desire for health is the principal to realize our dream and
our most important asset.

BionTech is standing today by
"the spirit to contribute to human being and health of the people".

"Healthy people make healthy corporation" - the "health-oriented management"
by BionTech is expanding our business through "healthy integrity" and
exercising management strategy that supports healthy society to develop our global competitiveness.

Company Introduction

BTC-5001Hot and Cold Water Ionizer

[Auto Cleaning] Auto Cleaning and draining

[Voice guidance] Voice guidance system

[Smart] Filter replacement

Product Introduction

BEH0015Electric Hob

[SIMPLE & POWERFUL] Elegant design and durable power

[TOUCH TYPE BUTTON] Easy-to-use touch panel

Product Introduction

BTB-290Instant hot water bidet

Instant hot water, one-nozzle-three-way
function, air bubble washing, child setting,
seat sensor, and more

Detailed View

BTS-1000Sterilizing Filter Water Softener

Safe temperature lock button,
Easy-to-use automatic, temperature control

Detailed View

BTA-201Air purifier

Pollution level displaying LED,
Filter replacement notice

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