Our desire for health is the principal to realize our dream and our most important asset.

How to use the alkaline ionized water

Drink regularly to help improve the four most popular
gastrointestinal diseases.
given to pets
Reduces odors and makes the fur shinier.
washing vegetables and fruit
Helps with freshness.
cooking meat and fish
Removes odor, enhances taste and flavors,
and helps with freshness.
brewing coffee or tea
Helps with removing the bitter taste and enhancing
the depth of taste or flavors.
cooking rice
Dip rice in alkaline ionized water for 30-60 minutes
before cooking and the rice tastes better, looks shinier
and stickier, and will not discolor easily.

How to use acidic ionized water

bathing and cleansing
Helps with smoother, more resilient skin.
Use after shampooing to neutralize the alkaline
content of soap and leave your hair sleeker.
brushing teeth and shaving
Acidic ionized water has the cleansing effect, so it keeps
the teeth healthier with the sterilizing effect and soothes
the skin when shaving.
washing dishes and cutting boards.
Dip cutting boards, kitchen cloths, and knives in acidic
ionized water for about 20 minutes to remove odors
and help with bleaching and sterilizing.
cleaning the house
Acidic ionized water can be used to remove dust
and clean the bathrooms.
arranging flowers
Use diluted acidic ionized water on the bottom
of flowers to help extend the lifespan of flowers.
grooming pets
Reduces shedding hair and helps with sleeker fur
and deodorization.

How to use purified water

taking medication
Use the purified water when taking medication.
The ionized water has less cluster and purified ionized
water helps with faster penetration of medication.